About IOGP Data Series

Data can play a vital role in improving performance. Every year, we collect data covering a range of topics on worldwide upstream operations, onshore and offshore, from participating member companies.

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Environmental performance indicators

We have collected and published environmental data from our member companies on an annual basis since 2001. The database contains performance information from activity representing about one third of known hydrocarbon production.

Information is aggregated at both global and regional levels and is expressed within the following environmental indicator categories:

  • Gaseous emissions
  • Energy consumption
  • Flaring
  • Produced water
  • Non-aqueous drilling fluids retained on cuttings discharged to sea
  • Spills
  • Fresh water

Safety performance indicators

We started collecting upstream safety data in 1985, and now have the industry’s largest database of safety performance, covering participating member company employees and their contractors onshore and offshore.

Our annual reports analyse results for key indicators by region, function and company:

  • Number of fatalities, fatal accident rate, fatal incident rate
  • Total recordable injury rate, lost time injury frequency
  • Number of lost work day cases and the number of days lost
  • Number of restricted work day cases and the number of restricted work days
  • Number of medical treatment cases

Safety performance indicators - Process safety events

IOGP began collecting Process Safety Event data in 2010 and has published an annual Process Safety report since 2011. The process safety events (PSE) data are based on the number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 process safety events reported by participating IOGP member companies, separately for:

  • Onshore and offshore
  • Drilling and production
  • Activities
  • Consequences
  • Material released

The data are normalised against work hours associated with drilling and production work hours to provide PSE rates.

Safety performance indicators – Motor Vehicle Crashes

This report presents contributing IOGP Members’ global results for:

  • Number of motor vehicle crash (MVC) fatalities
  • Number of MVC for each reporting group and category
  • MVC rate (motor vehicle crashes per million kilometres) for each reporting group and category.

The indicators are analysed by region for both company and contractor data.

Safety performance indicators – Aviation accidents

This report presents the safety performance of the aviation industry involved in both upstream and downstream operations reported by participating IOGP member companies.

The key indicators for analysis of aviation operations and safety performance are:

  • Number of fatalities
  • Accidents recorded
  • Hours flown
  • Passengers carried
  • Flights performed

Health leading performance indicators

IOGP and IPIECA have developed two tools to assess health leading performance indicators within individual companies. These enable performance comparison between different parts of a company and between participating companies.

Well control incidents and safety alerts

IOGP Members report well control incidents and safety alerts. You can find these on the IOGP Safety Zone: http://safetyzone.iogp.org.